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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

It's a new era.

UNICORN PUNCHER is now the name of my label and my brand. Not just the sexy shit, but EVERYTHING. The beats, the street photography, the erotic stuff, the zine, EVERYTHING.

And speaking of the zine. it will no longer be centered exclusively around nudes and erotica. There'll definitely be some sexy stuff in there, but it will include street photography, graffiti photos, design projects, and whatever other visual stuff I cook up. Going forward, it's going to be more like an anthology, and honestly, I think it'll be better for it.

What I want to do with UNICORN PUNCHER is have a strong intersection between music and visual art. not just do songs with music videos, but create projects where the music and the visuals really feed off each other.

UNICORN PUNCHER has a little sexy legacy, and I ain't running from it. I want this label to be seen as a brand that's not afraid to push the envelope and get weird, either visually or sonically.

So, if you've stuck with me this far, thank you! I'm proud of what I've done with UNICORN PUNCER up to this point, and I'm super excited about what the future holds. Let's GO.

THE UNICORN PUNCHER PROJECT: An urban alternative label.

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