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Updated: Dec 12, 2021


Stevie photographed by Aphro Oner

New Orleans | Washington DC

Stevie and I have been a dynamic duo for the past few years now. Now, it's time to make it "official".

We are FUCHSIA. A muse and her photographer.

And figurative editorial photographic art is what we're about.

We make art for ourselves. It's our love language. We just happen to share it with the world.

We already have a book project under our belt....PINK. You should really check it out.

And we have another project on the way...OBSIDIENNE. And it's gonna be epic.

FUCHSIA is the "brand", although it's not about money.

It's about leaving something behind in this world. Who we are, and how we feel about each other.

FUCHSIA will be the main thing I'll be focused on creatively in 2021. So stay tuned....

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